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We empower people and organizations — working across all sectors — to scale world-changing ideas.

Experienced program manager to manage and optimize our signature programs and strategic partnerships benefiting social enterprises and our clients in corporate social responsibility

About MovingWorlds 

MovingWorlds is a growing social enterprise that is building the skills and abilities of people working on social enterprise initiatives across all sectors. Our efforts are helping accelerate the progress of the global social enterprise movement and enabling more people to work in world-positive careers. We operate a portfolio of programs for individuals, corporations, and capacity-building organizations. While our experteering platform was launched nearly a decade ago and remains in operation, our growth is being driven through our corporate skills-based volunteering + leadership programs with companies like Microsoft, Tableau, Kering, and more, as well as through our MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship which helps individuals advance their for-impact careers. This year, we are launching a new social enterprise empowerment program called S-GRID that will connect corporations, social enterprises, and professionals from around the world to accelerate the inclusion of social enterprises into international value chains.

One quick note… if this project feels like a bit of stretch, apply anyway. We think it’s good to move beyond your comfort zone. And if it feels a little too narrow for your interests, make us a pitch.

Job Description & Impact

We are looking for a motivated individual that wants to help manage one of fastest growing and highest impact businesses: corporate partnerships and cross-sector partnerships. This is an exciting opportunity at the intersection of business operations, customer success, and social impact.

The ideal candidate will be a strong program manager with experience managing important partnerships, who cares deeply about social impact and people development.

Work will primarily fall into 3 client-facing categories, and 3 internal-facing categories:

#1: Client-facing Responsibilities

1.A: Program setup and optimization

You’ll help turn agreed strategy and vision into action by ensuring our programs and partnerships with major brands, including Microsoft, Kering, Avanade, Siemens Stiftung, SAP, and more, are functioning smoothly and delivering real value to all stakeholders. This will include working with the CEO and Director of the MovingWorlds Institute to deliver amazing experiences to our corporate partners, their employees, and their impact partners. You’ll know that you’ve been successful here when program outcomes are achievedand you played a part in retaining and expanding our existing partnerships.

1.B: Corporate-facing account management

Be the face of MovingWorlds when working with our corporate clients through all phases of our work with them: Program design, program setup, ongoing program support, and providing input for program growth. This will involve managing multiple accounts, using our systems to manage each relationship, and leading ongoing calls and meetings with clients. In addition, with the guidance of our CEO, you’ll be supporting the setup and management of program scopes/statements of works, and managing resources planning and managing budget. You’ll know that you’ve been successful here when our client satisfaction rates retain or increase.

1.C: Program excellence

Using your expertise in program management and support, you will ensure every corporate partner, their employees, and the related impact organizations have a great experience with MovingWorlds, using surveys and other tools to monitor their satisfaction with our service. You’ll know that you’ve been successful here when data tells us that all program participants have great, meaningful, and impactful experiences, and that our long-term data shows the sustainable impact of our programs.

#2: Internal-facing Responsibilities

2.A: Cross-team collaboration

As many of our corporate accounts are built on the MovingWorlds Experteering platform and MovingWorlds Institute learning community, you will work closely with the CEO and Director of the Institute to help deliver amazing experiences to our partners and the people and organizations they sponsor. Your experience in program management will be valuable to inform ongoing improvements in all of our programs.  You’ll know that you’ve been successful here when your team members share that your insights and feedback has helped them improve their own work.

2.B: MovingWorlds Learning, Matching, and Planning Platform Input

MovingWorlds has its own community and matching platform to help scale its reach and impact. As a program manager, you’ll work with the CEO, Head of Engineering, Head of Business Operations, and Director of the MovingWorlds Institute to provide input on how the platform can better support our programs. You’ll know that you’ve been successful when your partnership with our team has resulted in new program features that lower our costs and improve the experiences of our members.

2.C: Program growth

MovingWorlds is still a small and growing team, meaning that this position will be very autonomous and results-focussed. That said, the insights and inputs you capture will influence our direction, and we’ll rely on you to share that input with team members and the CEO to help us identify ways to grow our programs, accounts, and organization.

Social Impact Commitment

As a “social purpose corporation” (aka Benefit Corporation) we exist to help accelerate the progress of a more impactful, global social enterprise movement that employs more people in world-positive jobs. We absolutely look for mission alignment for all our team members.

Work Location & Travel

MovingWorlds is a global, virtual team with presence in Seattle, USA; Houston, USA; Medellin, Colombia; Lisbon, Portugal. Ideally you will be in one of these locations, but you can work from anywhere provided you overlap with our working time zones. Our current clients are as far west as Seattle and as far East as Nairobi. Your home base should be between those locations for the optimal working hours.

When the world returns to a new normal, you can expect occasional travel, likely 5-15% to US and Europe, will be used for business development trips, conferences, and strategic planning sessions with clients as well as the MovingWorlds team.

Skills & Experience

This position will need skills and experience in the following:

  • Program management, with a focus on delivery and ongoing improvements
  • Facilitation and consulting to help improve strategy and operations of programs
  • Account management with diverse stakeholders
  • A customer-success mindset
  • Executive presence and ability to engender trust with clients
  • Client engagement and relationship building
  • A growth mindset

Additional skills that may come in useful:

  • Project management certification (PMP, Six sigma) is a plus, but proven success as a PM is more important than certifications
  • Measuring impact (i.e. monitoring and evaluation)
  • Experience with business productivity tools (i.e. CRM, Zoho, G Suite, etc.)
  • Presentation skills
  • Remote work experience (Zoom, etc.)
  • A clear understanding of the technology industry and popular remote work technologies used by social impact organizations (Microsoft suite of projects, Salesforce, Tableau, etc.)
  • Using OKRs/Goal setting tools


While you will work directly with most of the MovingWorlds team, you will report directly with the MovingWorlds CEO. 

Working at MovingWorlds

First and foremost, we obsess over providing lasting value to our beneficiaries. Especially during these times, and as a small and scaling organization, we do work hard, and do our best to have fun along the way. MovingWorlds is the #10 company in the Escape the City top companies to escape to / work for. We have a series of principles to help our global teamwork together effectively:

  1. Be Catalytic
    1. Take risks on behalf of our users – embrace the failure that comes with it
    2. Stay focused on scale
    3. Create your own efficiencies
    4. Act with deliberate urgency
  2. Think Fast and Slow
    1. Be open, curious, and analytically constructive
    2. Be strategic
    3. Think long term
    4. Get to the root 
  3. Build and Give Trust
    1. Believe in your fellow team members
    2. Invest in personal well-being
    3. Own your own development & learning

MovingWorlds also has an “Living Employee Teamwork and Performance Principles” document, which is a continuously updated guide with resources, how-tos, and guidance on how to best work at MovingWorlds, as well as with team members.


MovingWorlds is a social enterprise in the process of scaling globally. To prioritize our mission and keep as much equity as possible with our current and expanding team, we are expanding without raising additional capital. This means we’re looking for core team members open to a small base salary and more aggressive equity package.


On account of a global team that lives in different countries and cities that have different cost-of-living levels, we use a cost of living adjustment calculator to ensure equitable pay across our organization and locations. This role will be compensated based on market data for a senior program manager in the nonprofit industry for your city at about the 25% percentile. More information about salary, as well as the MovingWorlds approach to equal pay,  will be shared early in the process.

A few note about your salary:

  • Your monetary salary will be below market for the near future, and as a social enterprise, we can’t guarantee that your salary will ever be as high as that of large international corporations
  • An equity package, per our Employee Stock Option Plan, will make up the difference between your market value and paycheck
  • We’re looking for a core team member that is interested in equity and helping create value for themselves and the entire organization
  • We grew 40% last year and everybody on the team received a pay increase, and our hope is to continue this trend

Additional benefits include

  • Health benefits, or a stipend of up to $180 / month for it (after 1 month vesting period)
  • Flexible vacation policy – just stay on top of your commitments
  • Stipend for home-office improvements and/or co-work office in your community
  • Two weeks of “slow-down” during the New Year holiday season (virtual office shut down, but maintain program-specific and role-specific requirements)
  • Learning and development opportunities – our team is passionate about people development and we want to know your learning goals. Based on them, we’ll help you find a mentor or fund a learning journey
  • Go Experteering – we’ll pay your round trip air for an Experteering trip, and give you paid time for it, once every 4 years… We wish this was more frequent…. But #startuplife :)
  • Exposure to an amazing network of social impact leaders across all sectors
  • Work with a startup team of like-minded and highly motivated colleagues
  • Be part of a virtual team that lets you work from any place as long as you can overlap for at least two hours of a normal business day with Pacific Time and Central Europe time.
  • A fully paid trip to someplace cool every year for our team retreat (COVID willing)

Equity statement

Our team is international with team members coming from 3 countries and a diverse set of skills. While we pride ourselves on supporting a very diverse community, we are also increasing our investment and education for our own team, as well as building a team that is more representative of the diverse community we serve. As of 2020, we have implemented new policies, including attempting to eliminate bias out of our hiring process. This is done with:

  1. Initial candidate screens are done without name, and initial resume and linkedIn reviews will be done with technology that blanks out names and photos of profiles
  2. All applications will be analyzed using a set standard based on the skills outlined above
  3. Structured interviews with set questions across candidates are conducted to assess against predetermined role requirements
  4. The hiring process will involve a skills-test and a cognitive test that will be benchmarked against a set standard and reviewed by a panel


If you feel this sounds like you, submit this form. Please do not email your resume and interest as we are conducting a hiring process to eliminate bias.

The application process will close on July 15th, though we reserve the right to close the period early or extend it.

Upon submitting an application, you can expect the following:

  1. We will conduct a blind screen and invite selected candidates within 5 days of the application deadline
  2. Candidates approved to continue will be asked to complete a skills-assessment within 3 days
  3. Candidates with the right skills profile will be then asked to have a phone screen within 5 days
  4. Shortlisted candidates will be asked to facilitate a mock session, complete a cognitive test, and complete a writing assignment within 10 days, with a final decision made 5-15 days
  5. Additional interviews with more team members may also happen during this time

Frequently Asked Questions

You can submit questions to us anonymously here. We will begin to answer these questions in this section:

  1. Is this job application only open to those in Seattle?
    • Nope! See the JD above for more details. We’re a global, virtual team, but time zone is important.
  2. When I submit my first application, is LinkedIn (used with the anti-bias screen), the only consideration given to see if I advance to the next stage?
    • No. It is one consideration, but if LinkedIn is not shared or the profile is not complete, the resume will be considered. This is used to ensure an initial fit that the applicant does have at least a little PM experience. From there, a more robuts skills-assessment will be provided. The skills assessment is a DIY survey that will enable you to input the experience you have for the critical functions of this role. We will once again ask for a resume or complete LinkedIn so that, after we shortlist candidate, we can validate the assessment against the profile.
  3. Are you taking any coffee chats or informational interviews?
    • As much as we would personally like to have a call with all people interested in the progam — normally we’re the first to jump at the opportunity to extend our networks with other social impact professionals — our entire team will have to respectfully decline informationals. To eliminate bias and ensure fairness in the hiring process, we have adopted a policy as a company to not take any informational chats for this position. In the job description you will see that this is amongst a series of other initiatives we are during to create a more equitable process and company.
  4. If I’ve applied for a position at MovingWorlds, will the hiring team consider me for a different position that they believe would be a better fit?
    •  Not at this time. Our process is set up to be specific to open roles and we can’t carry applications over because of our blind screening process.
  5. Great to meet the team! How many employees work for MovingWorlds, and what is different in terms of the roles for each of your offices? Would the Senior Program and Partnership Manager be involved with the Colombia team (which was not on the video)?
    •  Our 8th team member, and one of the Co-founders, Derk, who led our Colombia office decided to move on from MovingWorlds after nearly 10 years. He is still in Colombia, but the Colombia office will be shutting down.
  6. Is there access to a ‘SIGN’ assessment which doesn’t cost money to complete? Alternatives are Myers Briggs or more recently High5 – are these acceptable as alternatives?
    •  Not at this time. However, you can still think about SIGNs without the StrengthsFinder assessment. Please note, this is NOT required for this process.
  7. If we provide our LinkedIn and Resume to validate the responses to the survey questions, how does the process remain anonymous?
    • The initial screen is done by this survey, and Linkedin/Resume is used to validate the response. When we do use LinkedIn and Resumes, it is for validation, not qualification. Furthermore, we are experimenting with screening tools that block names, photos, and schools for these reviews, though admittedly, we know these tools aren’t perfect yet.
  8. What is work-life balance like?
    • We are are growing social enterprise. We grew 40% last year and are already 30% up for this year. Startup and growth environments are challenging. Job roles evolve, work changes, new programs are launched and some initiatives are shut-down. We strive for work-life balance, but there are weeks where it is challenging. We do have an organizational goal this year to improve operational effectiveness, team connectedness, and balance, and we are working to do that. We do recommend you do some research about what it’s like to work in startups and fast-growing organizations as it is a demand work environment that challenges you to manager your time, grow your skills and push you abilities — and this is also what makes it rewarding for those that are looking for this type of work and role. As a social enterprise, we are committed to taking care of our internal team as well as our external stakeholders, and we are investing more resources and time to do so. At this stage, you will have a lot of ownership, a lot of autonomy, and high expectations set for you.
    • Please note that, as a customer-facing role, sometimes demands are placed externally and we work as a team to best support these.
  9. What policies exist for employees with families?
    • MovingWorlds has a clear goal and ownership alignment process, and this means we are more interested in what gets done, not how many hours you work or what hours you are online.
    • Please note that, as a customer-facing role, sometimes demands are placed externally and we work as a team to best support these.
    • A copy of our employee guidebook will be shared with those that enter the interview process.

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