10 Social Enterprises Making Agriculture More Regenerative & Sustainable

Alexandra Nemeth

Senior Manager, Content Marketing & Storytelling at MovingWorlds

No single organization can solve a challenge as complex as reimagining our global food system: but once again, social entrepreneurs are the on-the-ground heroes with the courage to try. These pioneers are demonstrating that a regenerative approach which restores and enhances the health of ecosystems is not only possible, but profitable. Below, we’ve rounded up 10 social enterprises from our TRANSFORM Support Hub making an impact through regenerative agriculture.


Meridia is a social enterprise on a mission to protect our forests, soils, and biodiversity by transforming agricultural supply chains. Most smallholder farmers struggle to earn a living income, fueling the cycle of deforestation and biodiversity loss. Meridia’s technology is changing that by offering accurate and reliable field data solutions and services at scale for smallholder supply chains. At the same time, its helping buyers further up the supply chain accelerate the achievement of commitments to full traceability and transparency, living income, and regenerative agriculture.


Biosorra is a climate justice social enterprise that provides affordable and sustainable biofertilizer to farming communities in Sub-Saharan Africa that improve food security while capturing carbon out of the atmosphere. Using a village-based model, Biosorra employs smallholder farmers to produce the biofertilizer from locally available waste, generating income for farming communities while at the same time providing a sustainable alternative to traditional fertilizers or slash-and-burn farming techniques.


Everbloom provides tailor-made training, consultancy, implementation, and follow-up on sustainable agricultural development in Mauritius. Everbloom works closely with its clients to develop their green spaces using safe, self-sufficient practices for food production, medicinal plants, aromatic gardens as well as fruit trees. Everything is done in a way to promote healthy soil, ecosystems, and communities all over the island.

Photo from an Everbloom community market
Photo from an Everbloom community market


Bravura is a social enterprise consultancy that takes a strategic approach to socio-environmental projects contributing to the regenerative development of Mexico. Bravura works with social entrepreneurs, development organizations, and communities to design and implement systemic interventions with positive, scalable results that can be replicated throughout the country.


Leap Empowerment and Development Initiative (LEDI-Kenya) is a social enterprise addressing the menace of food insecurity through sustainable interventions that empower and transform communities. 

Its interventions include regenerative farming training programs for small scale farmers, mentoring children through gardening, environmental conservation, policy advocacy, and entrepreneurship training programs to turn organic produce into sustainable livelihoods. 

A participant in one of LEDI-Kenya’s Organic Food Security Programs
A participant in one of LEDI-Kenya’s Organic Food Security Programs


Botanitec is a sustainable agriculture social enterprise leveraging biotechnology to make plants more resilient to climate change stress. Its natural antioxidant compositions support the growth and quality of plants and fruits by minimizing the abiotic stress caused by transplantation, extreme temperatures, water scarcity, and other factors. 

Photo of Botan Foliar, one of Botanitec’s antioxidant compositions made from plant extracts
Photo of Botan Foliar, one of Botanitec’s antioxidant compositions made from plant extracts


Siembraviva is a social enterprise that builds the capacity of smallholder farmers in organic and regenerative agricultural practices, and connects them directly to end customers in urban areas. In the process, it’s helping smallholder farmers increase their income and end consumers access sustainably grown produce. 

ProEarth Systems

ProEarth Systems is a social enterprise working to reduce methane emissions from waste. Pro Earth Systems works with more than 15,000+ households in Pune, India to compost about 8 tons of organic waste daily. Its unique waste collection service links individual household waste to community afforestation programs, creating a circular economy for organic waste that reduces harmful emissions while contributing to soil health and crop yield. 

Mango saplings sprouting from ProEarth compost
Mango saplings sprouting from ProEarth compost

Panyanivej Organic Farms

Panyanivej Organic Farms is a social enterprise based in Laos working to promote sustainable agriculture among farmers, students, tourists and the general public. Specifically, it operates training programs for young Lao farmers in regenerative techniques that nurture healthy ecology, and equips them to lead workshops and start their own ventures to earn sustainable livelihoods. 

Students in training labeling vegetables in the Panyanivej community garden
Students in training labeling vegetables in the Panyanivej community garden

SuiGeneris Agronomy

SuiGeneris Agronomy is a sustainable development enterprise based in Manipur, India. Its signature product, CC Tea, is made from ingredients grown on its large-scale lemongrass farm, which is operated by local members of the community that SuiGeneris Agronomy hires and trains in organic farming practices to create paths to gainful employment in one of India’s most economically underdeveloped states.

Women processing lemongrass for tea
Women processing lemongrass for CC Tea

A challenge as complex as reimagining our global food system can feel insurmountable – but the enterprises included above demonstrate that meaningful change often starts in your own backyard. By having the courage to try, these pioneers are challenging the limits of what’s possible and inspiring a new generation of innovators to build on their successes at greater and greater scale.

Want to be part of the solution? Whether you’re an individual who wants to lend their time and skills, or you’re a social entrepreneur with a regenerative solution of your own, we invite you to join us on the TRANSFORM Support Hub