15 Impact Startups Using AI for Social Good

Alexandra Nemeth

Senior Manager, Content Marketing & Storytelling at MovingWorlds

In the TRANSFORM Support Hub, we have the privilege of working with leading social entrepreneurs from over 100 countries. Increasingly, we’re seeing these pioneers embrace emerging technologies like AI to catalyze their growth and impact — whether that’s to develop highly tailored solutions that meet the needs of their customers, drive more effective collaboration for systems change, or optimize their internal and external processes. 

The potential applications of AI for good are vast. To make it more real, we’ve rounded up 15 impact startups from our TRANSFORM Support Hub network that are using AI to advance education equity, environmental conservation, healthcare accessibility, water treatment, and more. Learn more about each below!

Memory Lane Games

Memory Lane Games is a Mayo Clinic award-winning digital health app that turns memories into personalized games for people living with dementia. Its games are designed to not only trigger positive memories, but to improve socialization with family and caregivers. With 3200 GenAI enabled, simple, and fun games, Memory Lane Games gets people talking. Its UK clinical trial pilot showed 92% of caregivers felt the app made them more relaxed, 83% laughed more and 67% were happier, all while playing our app with a person with dementia in their own homes. 58% of caregivers also reported the person with dementia communicated more. Socialization – not scoring – is its mission.

Examples of Memory Lane Games topics for dementia patients.
Examples of Memory Lane Games on different topics

Carbon Bright

CarbonBright is a pioneering tech startup set to revolutionize how consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies approach supply chain sustainability. Its AI powered carbon measurement platform enables CPG organizations to instantly measure a product’s environmental footprint, even when primary data is fragmented or missing. As a result, it’s faster, easier, and more cost effective for organizations in the CPG industry to identify their Scope 3 emissions, and take action to transform the sustainability of their supply chains by lowering their product impacts.

View of the Carbon Bright product specific carbon footprint analysis.
Sample view of the product-level impact data Carbon Bright provides

Atlas AI

Atlas AI is a social enterprise working to power the inclusive growth of leading organizations and the communities they serve. Its platform applies cutting edge artificial intelligence and geospatial tools to measure hyperlocal economic conditions in emerging markets, and forecast supply and demand to pinpoint market opportunities. Private and public organizations can then use these insights to pinpoint where investment can drive the most economic and societal progress. 

Examples of how Atlas AI Geospatial can be used to tackle complex challenges like deploying new infrastructure, site monitoring conflict zones, and more.
Examples of how Atlas AI’s solutions promote agility in the face of constant change

Its Learnable

It’s Learnable is a social enterprise dedicated to addressing the digital divide in education by developing affordable, user-friendly ed-tech solutions. Through comprehensive training, Its Learnable empowers teachers to build their digital literacy skills and effectively integrate AI powered technology into their classrooms. While it prioritizes reaching underserved rural communities, Its Learnable also caters to all demographics and age groups, including parents, teachers, and K-12 learners. By expanding its knowledge base and offering direct-to-consumer access, its goal is to ensure equitable access to educational technology for everyone.

View of the Its Learnable interface for teachers, connecting WhatsApp, mobile, and desktop sites.
After creating the content, teachers can easily send the material to their students either via WhatsApp, through the dedicated mobile app, or via the Its Learnable website through a browser.

Check Eye

Check Eye is an AI-driven mass screening solution to enable preventive healthcare for everyone. Its cloud-based technology can detect diabetic retinopathy using photographic images of eye fundus through the ML\AI algorithm. Photographs can be taken anywhere – from optic retailers to pharmacies – by non-medical staff to be further uploaded to the system for diagnosis, making early detection and prevention of diabetic retinopathy easily accessible for all. 

How diabetic retinopathy impacts vision


Cardio.AI is a social enterprise focused on providing deep learning technology to real-life products for healthcare. Cardio.AI offers a service and software-hardware complex that uses artificial intelligence for remote diagnosis of arrhythmias and other abnormalities of the cardiovascular system. 

View of an EKG reading via Cardio.AI.
View of an EKG reading via Cardio.AI


Faircado is the first AI-powered search and comparison website for second-hand shopping focused on sustainability. Faircado has affiliate deals with the biggest second-hand marketplaces in the world (eBay, Back Market, etc.) and aggregates all their offers into one place. Its browser plug-in suggests the best, cheapest and most sustainable alternatives for the product users are looking for, helping consumers save time, money and CO2 effortlessly!

View of Faircado plugin for shopping comparison based on carbon footprint.
Demo of how the Faircado browser extension helps shoppers make more sustainable purchases


Languify is a spoken AI-teacher assistant for students to increase learning & employability by 40%. Its technology helps edtechs increase learning and placement outcomes for students by tracking learning efficacy on a class/concept level, then Languify AI generates analytics & insights for students, teachers, and parents. 

Example of the kinds of insights and analytics generated by Languify


Google searches or burgeoning Generative AI tools often accelerate access to unvetted knowledge. Inqli’s AI-powered knowledge-sharing platform bridges this trust gap, connecting questions not just to answers, but to real people with firsthand experience. Inqli is championing a future where trust and human intelligence take center stage, enabling enterprises, professional communities, education institutions and not-for-profits to make informed decisions, foster collaboration, and drive innovation.

Example of the knowledge sharing Inqli facilitates via its platform.
Example of the kind of knowledge sharing that Inqli facilitates on its platform


Wildlife.ai is bridging the gap between wildlife conservation and artificial intelligence. On the one hand, conservation practitioners lack a thorough understanding of artificial intelligence and have limited resources to implement it in their projects. On the other hand, software engineers and machine learning experts do not have a clear path to contribute their valuable time to meaningful wildlife conservation projects. Wildlife.ai develops user-friendly, non-invasive and freely available digital tools to monitor the environment. It also organizes community events, seminars and educational activities to build and maintain machine learning solutions to reduce the current rate of species extinction.


Porta is an anxiety management solution for people affected by dementia. Through virtual reality, immersive experiences and Porta breathing techniques, Porta uses simulated therapeutic environments to generate neuroplasticity in the brain. Its mission is to improve the health of people suffering from dementia related anxiety through disruptive, low-cost technology and a non-pharmacological approach to help diagnose and manage anxiety using AI.

CHIL Femtech Center

CHIL femtech center is a hub-and-spoke telemedicine company increasing access to healthcare in the Middle East and Africa. It links rural clinics and school sickbays in MEA with scarce resources including doctors/specialists, modern laboratories, pharmacies, and more to e-resources based at its hubs. With hospitals as the hubs, Chil femtech partners with rural clinics and schools which act as service centers, and employs an AI telemedicine chatbot to connect the two at scale.

Chil group telemedicine app user interface
Chil Group telemedicine app user interface


Evove is a social enterprise leveraging AI, digitalization, and advanced materials to facilitate sustainable, affordable, and effective water filtration and recycling. By harvesting critical minerals in the process, Evove‘ s solutions significantly reduce the carbon footprint of desalination and the process and treatment of liquids.

Evove membranes
Evove membranes, which can be customized for higher flux or a better selectivity


DeafTawk was launched in 2018 with a mission to empower the global deaf community and bridge the communication gap between them and the rest of society through the power of digital technology. Its innovative online solutions connect the deaf community with qualified sign language interpreters around the world, allowing them to communicate effectively and access the services they need. By leveraging AI and machine learning in its solutions, DeafTawk is able to operate 24/7 to provide quality sign language interpretation in four different languages. 

DeafTawk app user interface
DeafTawk app user interface


METHOD4U is a Ukrainian social enterprise providing victims of military aggression, combatants, workers of critical infrastructure, and volunteers with psychological assistance by highly qualified, verified psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists. Its mission is to guarantee high quality assistance to all those in need, and with the help of AI its able to offer users primary diagnoses, tailored support recommendations, and more.

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