7 Must-Attend Conferences for CSR Professionals and Social Intrapreneurs in Fall 2014

Mark Horoszowski

Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder and CEO of MovingWorlds.org.

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Fall 2014 is going to be packed with inspiring and informative conferences related to social change. Here are the 7 that MovingWorlds will be at – in chronological order. Let us know if you’ll be there…


1. SOCAP 2014

September 2-5, San Francisco

SOCAP14 will be held at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, CA from September 2-5. Join the world’s pioneering impact investors, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, civic leaders, and innovators to create the intersections where you – with friends and valuable strangers – mobilize resources and capital for good.

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  • Social innovation buzz, best practices, and network
  • Impact investors and those interested in the field

See more information about the SOCAP 2014 Conference.


2. 2014 Corporate Citizenship Conference – The Impact Equation

September 8-10, Washington D.C.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center’s 2014 conference is focused on results. In today’s world, companies must ensure that every dollar spent is meaningful, that every employee volunteer opportunity is worthwhile, and that every investment shows a return.  There is more pressure than ever from corporate stakeholders to show meaningful outcomes. From philanthropy to shared value, from sustainability to governance, from partnerships to employee engagement, companies must ensure their work is driving measurable, lasting impact.

We ​believe ​that ​stronger ​businesses ​can ​achieve ​greater ​results ​that ​create ​a ​better ​world. ​ ​Join ​us ​in ​Washington, ​D.C. ​this ​September ​to ​learn ​how. ​

  • CSR Professionals – current and aspiring
  • International Corporate Volunteering program managers and supporters
  • Changemakers, nonprofits, and global development organizations
  • Social intrapreneurs

See more info about the 2014 Corporate Citizenship Conference here.
Editor’s note: In previous years, this was the Business Civics Leadership Center Conference

3. Travel+ Social Good Summit

September 18-19, New York City

This conference explores the nexus of travel, technology, and social good.  While the 2014 theme is to be announced, we got a sneak peak of it and assure you it will be VERY interesting in both format and content.

  • Travel industry professionals, startups
  • Global nonprofits looking to harness travel
  • Corporations looking to use travel and international experiences for business and CSR reasons

See more info about the 2014 Travel+ Social Good Summit.


4. Mashable’s 2014 Social Good Summit: #2030Now

 September 21-22, New York City

The fifth annual Social Good Summit, a unique convening of world leaders, new media and technology experts, grassroots activists, and voices from around the world, will challenge speakers, participants and a growing worldwide community to explore how technology and new media can be leveraged to benefit people everywhere, to create a better world by the year 2030.

  • Storytellers, bloggers, and writers on topics related to social innovation
  • Social media enthusiasts

See more info about the Social Good Summit.


5. Net Impact Conference: Breaking Boundaries

November 6-8, Minneapolis

The Net Impact Conference is the leading forum for students and professionals who want to tackle the world’s toughest social and environmental problems. This year, we’ll be breaking boundaries—leaving limits behind, forging unexpected alliances, and exploring creative solutions—to transform the world.

  • Social intrapreneurs
  • Students and recent grads
  • Companies interested in social intrapreneurship and millennial engagement

See more info about the Net Impact 2014 Conference.


6. Social Good Technology Summit

November 6-9, San Francisco

Because the World of Social Good Deserves the Most Innovative Technologies
Join us for a three-day Summit bringing together the most innovative technologies and the world of social good. We’ll be featuring the coolest technology companies and highlight stories of social good organizations and startups using technology to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems. Planned by Lean Impact and Social Good Tech.

  • Business to business
  • Corporate networking
  • CSR professionals and social intrapreneurs
  • Changemakers, nonprofits, and global development organizations

See more info about the 2014 Social Good Tech Summit.


7. Social Innovation Summit

November 19-20, San Francisco

The Social Innovation Summit is a twice annual event taking place at the United Nations and Silicon Valley, that represents a global convening of black swans and wayward thinkers. Those who are playing at the nexus of technology, investment, philanthropy, international development, and business come together to investigate solutions and catalyze inspired partnerships that are disrupting history. If we are obsessed with anything, it is great people.

We convene the world’s most potent leaders, thinkers, and practitioners with an unwavering bias towards action and a push towards scale. Let’s be clear about one thing, we are not your average conference. Where most bring together luminaries to explore the next big idea, we bring together those hungry not just to talk about the next big thing, but to build it.

  • Business to business
  • Corporate networking
  • Nonprofit, social enterprise, and impact investor networking
  • Changemakers, nonprofits, and global development organizations
  • CSR professionals and social intrapreneurs

See more info about the 2014 Social Innovation Summit.

What other social good events are you going to this year? Let us know in the comments below…