7 International Volunteering Blogs to Follow Before Going Overseas

Alexandra Nemeth

Senior Manager, Content Marketing & Storytelling at MovingWorlds

We have put together a list of our 7 favorite international volunteerism blogs that you should follow if you’re planning to go volunteering overseas. In addition to updates on this blog, these 7 additional blogs provide inspiring stories, suggestions on how to find high-impact volunteering projects, and tips to plan a high-impact trip.

1. Travelanthropist

travelanthrpist-logoThis blog seeks to promote traveling with the local in mind. Travel that appreciates the local scene, supports the local people and economy, and preserves the local culture and environment. They have sections about destinations, family voluntourism, local travel, philanthropy and culture, and budget voluntourism. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @travelanthrpist.

2. Staying for Tea

stayingfortea-imgAaron Ausland speaks about the idea of valuing people over projects, and effectiveness over good intentions in this blog. He emphasizes a humanitarian ethic of service and a professional ethic of competence. He states that good international development is competent service guided by good principles. Like Aaron’s Blog on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @AaronAusland.


3. Verge MagazineVerge logo dark (2)

This is not technically a blog but we thought it was still an important enough resource (and a good enough read) to include. Verge is a magazine that encourages its readers to ‘travel for change’. It is also a good resource for those who want to work or study abroad.  Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @VergeMagazine.


4. Causecast

causecast-logoCausecast is an organization that provides giving and volunteering technology to companies so that they can be efficient with their time and money. Their blog focuses more about how companies can create volunteer abroad programs and how employees can initiate them. If you are at all interested in getting your company to start volunteering abroad, using Causecast’s technology would definitely be a good option to look into. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @Causecast.


5. Team4Tech

team4tech-logoTeam4Tech is an organization much like MovingWorlds that focuses solely on the technology industry and how technology professionals can use their skills and expertise to better the lives of others around the world.  Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @Team4Tech.


6. Lessons I Learned

lessonsilearned-logoDaniela Papi-Thornton speaks about lessons she’s learned through experience in global development. She has spoken at TEDx Oxbridge and TEDx BKK. She has also co-founded Learning Service which aims to educate people on how to volunteer abroad responsibly. Follow her blog via her twitter handle @danielapapi.


7. Go Overseas

Go Overseas Blog LogoGoOverseas is the biggest and best collection of review of international volunteering programs on the net. Its blog outlines best practices, great stories, and useful tips for people looking to go volunteer overseas anytime, anywhere. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @gooverseas.

Did we miss a blog you love? Let us know in the comments below!