Agora Partnerships and MovingWorlds join forces to Accelerate Impact in Latin America

Derk Norde

Derk is a co-founder at, a global platform connecting people who want to volunteer their expertise with social impact organizations.

When it comes to solving the most urgent challenges facing people and our planet, there is no single solution. To ensure our global future, we must empower the innovators that are working tirelessly to develop creative, sustainable solutions.

Agora Partnerships and MovingWorlds are thrilled to announce a new partnership that connects daring social entrepreneurs with some of the most valuable resources possible: human capital and the power of teamwork. This new partnership makes it easy for social enterprises affiliated with Agora to publish their needs for skilled support, and it enables professionals to easily find and support these innovative organizations. This partnership is a natural fit as MovingWorlds LatAm office is based in Medellin, Colombia and historically we’ve always had a strong partner base in Central and South America.

Agora Partnerships supports entrepreneurs solving social and environmental challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean by providing the resources they need to grow their businesses and their impact. Agora Partnerships has worked with over one hundred socially-minded entrepreneurs, many of whom are seeking expert assistance to take their company to the next level.

Together, Agora Partnerships and MovingWorlds believe that pairing Experteers and entrepreneurs will help bridge the talent gap, and accelerates the building of a more equal, sustainable, and abundant world. The partnership provides Agora entrepreneurs with a unique kind of support: skilled professionals that are eager to travel and donate their expertise. Experteers help small and growing companies overcome business and technical challenges so they can take their organization to the next level of growth and impact. On the platform, aspiring Experteers can browse Agora-affiliated projects, and request introductions to Agora-entrepreneurs directly to learn more, moderated by MovingWorlds staff.

Users can filter for Agora-affiliated projects and organizations on the platform

What support can Experteers provide to Agora entrepreneurs?

Experteers can support Social Entrepreneurs in different ways, putting to use a variety of business, technical, and/or creative skills. Most Experteering projects are immersive on the ground engagements, where the Experteer and the entrepreneur work together for a longer period of time, however, short-term projects focused on knowledge transfer can also have a huge impact. For the Agora Accelerator, we are especially looking for the following skills:

  1. Business Strategy & Operations
  2. Marketing & Campaigns
  3. StoryTelling (copywriters & videographers)
  4. Finance & Reporting
  5. Product Development

Agora entrepreneurs have already reaped the benefits of working with Experteers. One such company is Suyo. Suyo is based in Colombia and helps families secure property rights by offering the most affordable and reliable property formalization services in Latin America. In Colombia, Suyo uses modern technology and microfinance models to support displaced populations with affordable and reliable property formalization services. As an early-stage social impact company, one of the challenges Suyo faced was finding the resources & skills to develop their online platform. Suyo was matched with an Experteer, Felicia, who helped them design a new user interface. You can watch their story here:

What does this mean for supporters of Agora Partnerships?

If you want to increase support to Agora Partnerships and its entrepreneurs, Experteering is a fantastic way to make a unique and lasting impact. By becoming an Experteer, encouraging your friends to sign up, or promoting Experteering projects on social media, you can help bridge the talent gap and provide invaluable support to high-potential social entrepreneurs.

What does this mean for Social Enterprises that need expertise?

If you work in an organization seeking support, affiliation with partners like Agora makes your profile stand out in search results. Your organization will see both increased traffic driven to your MovingWorlds profile and receive increased matching support from the MovingWorlds team.

As an Impact Organization or Social Enterprise looking for support, you can get started today by signing up at If you are an Agora-accelerated company, make sure to choose Agora Partnerships as the affiliated organization on the profile setup page.

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