Announcing a New Partnership: Promotora Social and MovingWorlds

Derk Norde

Derk is a co-founder at, a global platform connecting people who want to volunteer their expertise with social impact organizations.

When it comes to solving some of the biggest challenges facing people and our planet, there is no single solution. The key to development is not only money, talent, or marketplaces… it’s teamwork.

For this reason, we couldn’t be more excited to launch a partnership with Promotora Social, allowing us to connect Experteers to some of the most innovative social enterprises in Mexico, that are tackling some of the biggest challenges of our times through social innovation.

Promotora Social is a highly recognized actor in the field of social entrepreneurship development. Over the last 10 years they have initiated many initiatives that have been instrumental in developing the Mexican social enterprise ecosystem. Promotora invests cross-sectoral in grassroots social enterprises in the field of education, health and inclusive economic development. They have also been the founding partners of FLII – the Latin American Forum for Impact Investing, Adobe Capital, and the Impact Hub DF, just to name a few. Over the last decade, Promotora has been a powerful force in the development of the Mexican social entrepreneurship eco-system.

Impact Hub in Mexico City, assisted by Promotora Social

With this new partnership, MovingWorlds will provide support to Promotora Social affiliated-social enterprises in the areas of business strategy, marketing & storytelling, product management and monitoring & evaluation by linking them to international professionals to tackle specific challenges on the ground together – we call it Experteering. Our Experteers are coming from different backgrounds (corporate, nonprofit, startups, and finance to name just a few). What unites them is the desire to create impact and give more meaning to their careers.

Experteers may get matched on their own account via MovingWorlds matching platform, or through a curated program like Impact Teams or the MovingWorlds Institute. For selected Experteering projects sponsored by Promotora Social, the Experteers’ local accommodation, as well as international travel, will be covered by this program, providing them with an extra incentive to fully commit themselves to the outcomes and deliverables of each project.

If you are a skilled professional and you are looking to support Promotora Social and its field partners, Experteering is a fantastic way to offer additional help. By going yourself, encouraging your friends, and/or promoting these Experteering projects on social media, you can help address the global talent gap – one of the leading barriers to global progress. For most of the projects, it certainly helps if you speak Spanish, but individual language requirements may vary from project to project.

If you are a Promotora-affiliated organization, you can get started today by signing up at today on the organization setup page, and making sure to choose your affiliation with Promotora Social.

You can see all published opportunities affiliated with Promotora Social here.