Announcing Q&A Functionality on MovingWorlds

Mark Horoszowski

Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder and CEO of

Ask a question on MovingWorldsOn, you can find a curated listing of social impact organizations that provide free accommodation to people willing to travel and volunteer their professional skills. However, it’s not always easy to tell from a few sentences whether or not it’s the perfect opportunity for YOU. To make it easier, we’ve added the ability for anybody to ask public questions about a specific opportunity.

You can use this feature to help you, and your fellow community members, better understand the projects on MovingWorlds. With this Q&A feature, you can ask questions like:

  • Can the project have a different start date?
  • Are you open to an Experteer for a longer or shorter time frame than what is listed?
  • I’m very interested in your organization, but the posted opportunity is for a marketing professional. I’m interested but I’m more of a designer, do you have a project for someone with my skills?
  • I’m traveling with my partner, are there more potential projects with your organization?

Asking a Question is Easy

1. Use the browse page to find an interesting opportunity.
Hovering your mouse over the opportunity will show a “Learn More” button.

2. When you find an interesting opportunity, click on the “Learn More” button to go to the opportunity page.

Learn more MovingWorlds


3. Click on “Ask a Question About this Opportunity”
Scroll down the Q&A section, or look for the prompt bar at the bottom of the screen. Either option will show you a new modal where you can ask a question.


4. Ask a question about the opportunity.
You can ask a clarifying question about the project, impact, length of time, benefits, or anything else related to this opportunity…


5. Check your email and revisit the opportunity page.
You will be notified by email when your question in answered, but we recommend checking back to the opportunity in a few days, too. Questions are in blue, and answers from the opportunity’s representative are in red.


6. Save the opportunity to easily revisit and share.
To make it easy to find the opportunity, use the save button at the top of the page. Also, by clicking on the share icon, you can see the URL, or post it across social media.



We are consistently improving MovingWorlds to make it easier for our users – so let us know what you think and suggest other features you need to help you volunteer your skills around the world!