My Favorite 5 Places For Social Entrepreneurship News

Mark Horoszowski

Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder and CEO of

As a startup social enterprise, it’s important to keep current on exciting social enterprise news, and even more vital to not burn valuable time doing just that.

Here are my most visited sites… and why I visit them.

One caveat before I highlight my favorites: Have a “why” for visiting each site. In this case, a “why” is a reason that you have for looking at news which you can directly trace to your bottom line. If the news isn’t helping you and your team grow, it is probably a waste of time. For MovingWorlds, which is being built on a global network of socially responsible people, companies, and investors, its vital that we keep our eyes open for partnerships and channel marketing opportunities. Before you read this list, challenge yourself to ask “why do you read social entrepreneurship news

Best Social Entrepreneurship News Sources

Proof of Impact, Corporate Trends, and Academic Proof: Stanford Social Innovation Review

I don’t come to SSIR daily, but It’s worth a long visit every week or so. SSIR’s case for social entrepreneurship is one of the best, and I love how it covers social innovation is almost every sector, from food to health to technology to energy… the list goes on. As a social entrepreneur, I go directly to the SSIR Social Entrepreneurship section to see what is new and exciting. SSIR has great book reviews, too.

Exciting News and Aggregation: Mashable Social Good

Mashable’s Social Good section does a great job of aggregating and summarizing content, so it’s often my first stop when I’m looking for emerging companies, exciting innovation, or new investment breakthroughs. In addition to the Social Good section, I’ve been very impressed with its World at Work series, which highlights innovative companies. I also pay close attention to Mashable’s top social good contributors, Lauren Hockenson and Zoe Fox.

More Exciting News and World Changing Ideas: co.EXIST and Huffington Post

If I need inspiration or want to read about the most innovative ideas, I stop by co.EXIST. Articles like The Case for High Impact Entrepreneurs keep me coming back. And Huffington Post’s Impact sections provides great reading, too.

Self Improvement: Harvard Business Review on Social Responsibility, Passion & Purpose, and Social Enterprises

HBR has a plethora of information that is easy to get lost in. When I feel like self-improvement, I designate ample time to look through the site, highlight articles, and read them in depth. Favorites / must-read pieces include The Sustainable Economy, Passion & Purpose, A New Approach to Funding Social Enterprises, and the piece explaining and advocating the For Benefit Enterprise. And, make sure to review HBR’s List of Audacious Ideas for Solving the World’s Problems.

News, Press Releases, and Industry Happenings: Triple Pundit and Social Earth.

I don’t yet feel that there is a great one-stop-shop for SE news, but TriplePundit and SocialEarth are as good as it gets.

In addition to news, I also check in with Twitter using the complete list for social enterprise hashtags.

Am I missing any of your favorites?