Big or Small, Your Company Can Make an Impact During COVID with the Right Resources

Rebecca Mitsch

Communications strategist working with MovingWorlds

Two months into the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve all heard the stories of noteworthy corporate responses to the pandemic: Microsoft announced early that it would pay hourly workers their normal wages even while they weren’t working, Delta and JetBlue airlines are offering free round-trip flights to healthcare workers traveling to assist with cases in COVID hot spots, and Johnson & Johnson is allowing medically trained employees to take up to 14 weeks of paid leave to contribute to the COVID response. 

But it’s not just Fortune 500s stepping up to use the power of business as a force for good: younger companies like Okta have used this time to build and launch integrated Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance programs, startups like Amperity are contributing tech talent to help displaced workers find support, and small industry-specific businesses like this custom ski company in Colorado are re-purposing their supply chains to lend support.

Big or small, companies around the world are using their talents, products, services, networks, and reach to aid COVID recovery. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to COVID response, but we’ve gathered the resources below to help your company find the right combination of tactics to develop the COVID response that’s right for you and your stakeholders. 

COVID-19 Business Response Resources

If you are…

Tracking economic trends and recovery to inform your strategy:

In need of general advice and inspiration:

  • Visit Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP)’s Resource Recap page, devoted to thought leadership on purpose-driven leadership and finding corporate partners.
  • Follow the #UnitingBusiness initiative, where the UN Global Compact encourages top leaders to share their ideas and advice with the business community at large, while also providing access to all professionals via webinars on timely topics. 

Trying to support employees and keep them engaged:

  • Check out B Corporation’s dedicated response page for businesses and workers, which includes guides for how to navigate financial disruption and encourage worker resilience. Most resources are available to all, but a few are limited to B Corp members. 
  • Visit the Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals (ACCP)’s venue for members to discuss COVID response, which also provides access to virtual volunteering materials and employee assistance areas for non-members. 

Seeking community and peer support:

  • Review the COVID action platform organized by the World Economic Forum in partnership with the World Health Organization, which features resources to support collective action.
  • Visit the Business and COVID Response Centre created by Business Fights Poverty in partnership with the Harvard Kennedy School Corporate Responsibility Initiative, which encourages global learning with local action and particularly emphasizes a community of practice. 

Interested in funding/grant opportunities:

  • Check out the COVID-19 resource hub assembled by Unreasonable Fellows that highlights funding and grant opportunities for businesses along with wellness/community resources to ensure remote work is healthy and productive for all.

Looking for personal support as you cope with the mental health challenges of working through a pandemic:

Seeking CSR news related to COVID:

Seeking support developing the right social impact & sustainability strategy to help you accelerate out of COVID? Partner with us to assess the readiness of your company, then launch, scale, and optimize your corporate social impact program.