Empowering Social Impact Organizations: Find Expertise to Overcome Any Challenge

Mark Horoszowski

Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder and CEO of MovingWorlds.org.

As a social enterprise ourselves, we know how challenging it is to grow and make an impact. We’ve called on friends, mentors, contractors, and volunteers to help us build MovingWorlds.org Beta, which we built to support other organizations around the world access expertise for any challenge. It is live NOW, and, if you’re an organization with a social mission, it’s designed to empower you.

In short, MovingWorlds is a matching network that helps you find people who want to travel to your community/organization and donate their expertise in exchange for a life-enriching experience. Millions of people every year are traveling the world and donating their skills, and we want to help you find the perfect person to support your organization.

Here’s how it works…

How MovingWorlds Works for Orgs


1. Request an Invite to MovingWorlds

MovingWorlds home page for organizationsWe have a special page dedicated to social impact organizations. You can access it MovingWorlds.org/Org.

You can read more information about how MovingWorlds supports organizations on our information page for organizations, and also access free resources and tips to help you find and host people who want to donate their expertise.

Requesting an invite is free and easy, just go to MovingWorlds.org/Org and enter your email in the main box. Then follow the instructions on the next page to finish your request. It should take about 33 seconds.


2. Create an Organization Profile on MovingWorlds

Org Profile Display on MovingWorldsAfter your invitation is verified and approved by the MovingWorlds team, you will get an email with a unique invite link. This link will direct you to a sign-up process that will ask you for key information about you and your organization. The steps include:

  1. Basic Information – Enter details about you so that you can create a personal profile. This is important so that when people are looking for organizations to donate their expertise to they can get a quick look at the person that represents it – you.
  2. Organization Information – Input details about the organization you represent. This information helps interested people learn about your mission to determine if they want to support your cause.

3. Post Opportunities Where People can Donate Their Expertise

In the third step of the sign-up process, we ask you to describe the type of support you need, the expertise you want the volunteer to have, how long you want a volunteer for and what you will offer in exchange for receiving support. We recommend all organizations offer accommodations (or another local benefit) in exchange for receiving donated expertise.

We allow you to post multiple opportunities for expertise. Each opportunity can be for a different project, different skill set, and different length of time. When you do post an opportunity on the platform, it will look something like this:

Opportunity display on MovingWorlds.orgThe key details on the page include:

  • Title of opportunity
  • Description about the project
  • Length of project
  • Type of positive impact the project will create
  • The skills and expertise needed
  • The language(s) the volunteer needs to speak
  • The benefits to the volunteer, and an explanation of those benefits
  • We also let you upload a .pdf with additional details about the opportunity… this can be anything, like project plans, drawings, etc.

4. Find Professionals that Want to Donate Expertise and Access Training and Resources

Sample dashboard on MovingWorldsOnce you are logged on to MovingWorlds, you will enter your dashboard. In addition to suggesting professionals that might have the skills and time to help you with your available opportunities, it also has quick links so that you can:

  1. Add, edit, or remove opportunities
  2. Access resources, tips, and tools
  3. Find more information about how to find professionals

MovingWorlds FAQs

For a full list of FAQs, check out the main FAQs on the MovingWorlds site.

What kind of professionals can I find on MovingWorlds?
LOTS! Here is a short list… teaching, architecture, human resources, marketing, accounting, sales, web design, web development, engineering, operations, legal, e-commerce, business strategy, fundraising, branding, etc.
Can I ask for virtual volunteers?
Yes, but we don’t recommend it. The professionals on our platform are looking for real international experiences.
Do I have to provide accommodations?
We strongly suggest you do. If you can’t for financial reasons, that’s OK, too. The website will allow you to explain your circumstance. If you can’t provide accommodations, get creative with offering something else like language lessons, a local tour, home-cooked meals, etc.
How much does it cost?
MovingWorlds is a free service organizations with a social mission. If you don’t have a social mission, you are not allowed on MovingWorlds.
What type of organizations are on MovingWorlds?
MovingWorlds has a variety of organizations… startups, schools, nonprofits, community groups, and even accelerator programs. Whether the focus is education, research, health, or economic development, as long as your company is socially and/or environmentally focussed, you are allowed on MovingWorlds.

For more information, sign-up for a free account at www.MovingWorlds.org/org.


You can also watch a recording of our last webinar with a demo and walk-through of the platform.