Experteering Highlight: Using Multimedia Skills to Support Animal Rights and Social Enterprise in India

Mark Horoszowski

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Volunteering multi media skill in India
Dorene and Troy volunteering their multimedia skills in India

This month, we’re thrilled to highlight the Experteering story of the married couple that is the power duo behind the Travel Life Experiences “life redesign through travel” site. Last month, Dorene and Troy went Experteering with Peepal Farm in northern India and their video of the experience tells a great story.

In addition to the video, we had the chance to ask Dorene and Troy from Travel Live Experiences a few questions, and we hope you’ll enjoy their responses as much as we did.

What were you doing before going Experteering?

We are a married, multi-media duo — We use our veteran video production and marketing skills to create video stories and marketing tools for the travel industry. Before starting Travel Life Media, we were corporate people from Toronto, Canada. Troy worked in the TV industry, and Dorene a Marketing director in the beer, wine and spirits business.

What did you do on your Experteering trip?

We refined the Peepal farm brand strategy and communication plan — helping them to communicate the great work they do by helping alleviate pain of stray injured animals while bringing animal welfare, responsible consumption and self-sustainability issues and opportunities to the surface. We also created videos to share their philosophy and animal welfare issues to aid in recruiting more supporters, partners, and future Experteers.

What was the highlight of your Experteering trip?

Spending time living on a farm and working with animals was a really powerful experience. Even in a short amount of time, we were able to see how our marketing, multimedia, social media, and video creation support had on the Peepal Farm team and local community.

picture of Dorene supporting animal welfare in India
Dorene supporting animal welfare in India

What was one thing you wish you knew before you went volunteering overseas?

We felt very equipped to perform the job thanks to the online training course, planning tools, and Experteering resources from MovingWorlds.

What advice do you have for people thinking about Experteering?

Listen and ask lots of questions. Come with an open mind and leave with a new understanding of a place in the world that may be vastly different from your home. And different is a good thing.

Anything else you want to add?

Thanks for the opportunity, MovingWorlds. We look forward to working on another project again in 2017.

[Editor’s note: Thank you Travel Life Experiences team — can’t wait to have you back out in the field!]

Learn more about Travel Life Experiences by checking out their Travel Life Media company, and follow their stories on their blog, Facebook, and their YouTube Channel.

If you’re interested in following in the footsteps of Dorene and Troy, check out our multimedia opportunities and/or other projects in India.