Explaining Our ‘Experteering Guarantee’

Mark Horoszowski

Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder and CEO of MovingWorlds.org.

Image of Experteering with Na De NaOur mission is to help you find the best place to volunteer your skills around the world, anywhere, anytime, for any length of time. By inspiring and empowering people like you to do just that, we are tackling the “global talent gap” — one of the leading barriers to global progress.

MovingWorlds is nothing without the incredible skills of its members, and our Experteering Guarantee is just one of the ways we try and show that we are absolutely committed to matching you with a project where you will make a real impact. Beyond getting you matched, we also strive to guide you through a planning process that prepares you for an effective Experteering engagement. It’s because of that personal support that we charge a fee, but it’s fully refundable if you don’t find a match or don’t love our service.

We know that if we can inspire and empower you to volunteer your skills around the world, we’ll all be better off: The organization you support will be able to accelerate its impact, you’ll develop new skills, and together we’ll tackle the global talent gap.

We also know how challenging it can be to find the perfect project overseas. As an example, we just matched Melissa — a Microsoft employee with 16 years of incredible operational experience — to a Mercy Corps project in Tunis, Tunisia. She was looking for a project specifically in Tunis where she could volunteer 10hrs per week while visiting the area for personal reasons. As a result, she had a very specific start date and only had 10hrs per week to Experteer. That “perfect project” for Melissa didn’t exist on our site when she first came to MovingWorlds, but it didn’t mean that her skills weren’t needed.

So we did for Melissa what we do for about 1/3 of our matches – we worked through our partnership network of over 2,500 organizations to find a project that matched her unique skills and preferences.

The truth is, it’s hard to find a skills-based volunteering project overseas for a lot of reasons. Imagine this…

instead of being the Experteer, your role has reversed and you are the leader of a small nonprofit in Colombia. One day, a person comes to you and asks what type of expert support you need… Your answer would probably be “nothing”, “everything”, or “money!”. However, if the same person shared that she had 7 years of professional marketing experience and wanted to support you by offering free marketing support for a 4-week project, you might jump at the opportunity. Not only could this person help launch a new digital marketing campaign, but she could also help build the marketing skills of your team by leading trainings and sharing best practices.

This makes for an interesting challenge for us at MovingWorlds… people don’t want to commit to Experteering overseas until they see a relevant project, and organizations struggle to scope a specific project until they see a professional profile. As a result, we are constantly working, one-on-one, with our members and impact organizations to make the best possible matches, and this is why we offer the Experteering Guarantee. If you become a member, we’ll find you a project or we’ll give you a full refund.

In short, the world needs your skills, so if you don’t see a project you love, give us a chance. We’ll work with our network to source a project based on your profile and preferences. Whether you want a 3-day engagement during vacation, a part-time engagement while living overseas, or a full-time placement for a year, we can help you find that experience of a lifetime you’ve been searching for.

Our reason-for-being is to help you create change, and be changed in return. If you don’t love your options or are ever dissatisfied with our service, we’ll give you 100% of your membership fee back, no questions asked.

If you have questions or feedback about our membership plan and/or guarantee, please let me know: mark[at]movingworlds[dot]org.

Yours in moving worlds,
– The entire MovingWorlds.org team


The Fine Print from our legal team:

  • Any user that purchases MovingWorlds membership can ask for a full refund.
  • A full refund is only able to be redeemed during the first 12 months of membership.
  • Once a user has started an Experteering engagement in another country, MovingWorlds is no longer able to provide a refund.
  • An exact match on your timing, location, and preferences is not always possible and is ultimately dependent on the needs of organizations operating in the field. If an exact match is not possible, MovingWorlds will work to provide you suitable options that align to your skills.
  • MovingWorlds primarily matches based on the alignment of skills, experience, and location, and it is not able to guarantee you that organizations in the field will be able to cover your expenses or provide a stipend. Most organizations do provide accommodation or other local benefits, and MovingWorlds specifically sources opportunities that are able to provide local benefits, however, as the ability to offer benefits is based on the (limited) resources of partner organizations in the field, it is beyond the control of MovingWorlds to guarantee that.
  • Questions? Email info@movingworlds.org