Follow These Blogs for Help Traveling Cheaply Overseas

Alexandra Nemeth

Senior Manager, Content Marketing & Storytelling at MovingWorlds

Traveling on a budget? This list of travel bloggers will give you the resources and know-how to get the most bang for your buck while traveling abroad.

1. Backpacks and Bunkbeds

backpacksandbunkbeds logoThis is an interesting blog about a man from London who spent a few years traveling cheaply after he finished his undergrad degree. There are sections about budget travel, hostel life and volunteering.  Like on Facebook or follow via Twitter: @packsandbunks.


2. Budget Traveller

budgettraveller-logoLearn how to travel in style on a budget! This blog follows Kash Bhattacharya as he travels the world. He has recently won the ‘Most Innovative Travel Blog’ award in 2012. Check out his insights into luxury hostels and cheap eats and drinks. Like him on Facebook or follow him via Twitter: @BudgetTraveller.


3. Eurocheapo Blog

eurocheapo-logoEurocheapo aims to make travelers time in Europe more affordable and memorable. They make a point to recommend hotels that allow you to interact with locals and gain a better understanding of the places you’re visiting. Like them on Facebook or follow via Twitter: @EuroCheapo.


4. Flipnomad

flipnomad-logo This blog was originally started by a Filipino explorer who seeks to stay positive and travel cheaply. We really enjoyed his how-to post about finding cheap apartments in Bangkok. Like him on Facebook  or follow him on Twitter: @flipnomad.

5. Frugal Wandererfrugalwanderer

Krystal Yee created this blog to share her insights about personal finance, budgeting, and living a fulfilling life with less. We especially enjoyed her informative post about using credit cards while abroad. She is passionate about frugal travel and thrives on adventure. Like her on Facebook or follow her via Twitter: @FrugalWanderer.

6. The Poor Traveler

thepoortraveler-logoYoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos are both traveling partners from the Philippines and know first hand what it’s like to take a second job just to have enough money to travel. They have severe wanderlust and the majority of their blog includes posts about Southeast Asia. Like them on Facebook or follow them via Twitter: @uss_carlvinson.


7. HoneyTrek

HoneyTrek-logoMike & Anne Howard are two newlyweds  who claim to be on the world’s longest honeymoon. They have been to 33 countries & 6 continents on just $37 a day. We were most entertained by their post about Buenos AiresLike them on Facebook or follow them via Twitter: @HoneyTrek.


8. LifeListed

Danny Dover has made it his life’s mission to finish everything Life-Listed-Logo-Official-real on his bucket list of 150+ items by 2017. In his post titled “How To Find Cheap Places To Stay While Traveling” he includes a video and an outline about his own processes to stay on budget. He has also been featured in a TedTalk. Like him on Facebook or follow him via their twitter handle @DannyDover.


9. MappingMegan

Megan Claire and Mike Jerrard have been traveling everywhere since 2007. Mapping-MeganThey aim to inspire both travel and change through blogging.  We were especially appreciative of her how-to tips about avoiding altitude sickness (because altitude sickness is not fun!). Like her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter: @mappingmegan.


10. Nomadic Mattnomadic_matt_logo

Nomadic Matt aims to teach people to travel the world on $50 a day. He has an interesting post called “How To Change The ‘I’m Too Poor To Travel’ Mindset And Say Yes To Travel. Like him on Facebook or follow him via Twitter: @nomadicmatt.


11. A little Adriftadrift-logo

Shannon O’Donnell is a National Geographic traveler, vegetarian, and author of ‘A Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook’. She has been traveling since 2008 photographing grassroots initiatives and communities all over the world. Like her on Facebook or follow via Twitter: @ShannonRTW.


Do you have any favorite travel bloggers we missed? Let us know in the comments below!