#GivingTuesday is November 28th – Here’s How You Can Easily Contribute

Petra Barbu

Petra is a content marketer passionate about social enterprise, impact investing, and microfinance.

As we approach a season of indulgence, Giving Tuesday on November 28th is the perfect time to reflect about what matters most this holiday season. The holidays are a great time of sharing moments with friends and family, but it’s no secret that sometimes we go a little overboard whether that be at the dinner table, on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or through some good old-fashioned holiday shopping. This season, we encourage you to give the greatest gift: the gift of giving back.

Giving back by donating is a great way to contribute to the cause.
Giving back by donating is a great way to contribute to the cause.

1. Give a Gift That Makes the World Better

One of the easiest ways to get involved is to simply donate. People often think that giving during the Holidays is hard because most people feel more financial stress during this time, but in actuality, people that donate money actually feel wealthier. More than ever, the world needs contributions to help reach the Sustainable Development Goals, so take a look at the Giving Tuesday page for donation tips, and if you’re really motivated by global issues, our friends at Global Giving are fantastic stewards of making sure your donations make an impact—and have found sponsors that will match your donation.

Not in the mood to donate money? Giving Tuesday is also a great day to donate used items, and offers a great chance to de-clutter before the holidays. Too often the holiday season can become a materialistic endeavor, with gifts piling up and hundreds invested in tangible items instead of focusing on the true spirit of this season. Kicking this season off by convening with loved ones, friends, families, and even co-workers to donate creates space and goodwill – and it helps those less fortunate in the process.

You don't have to make a global impact to make serious local change.
You don’t have to make a global impact to make serious local change.

2. Go Local

You don’t have to go far to make a tangible impact. Chances are, your community is in dire need of local volunteers, but do you know that only 25% of Americans volunteer. Even so, the equivalent of these volunteered hours adds up to about $184 billion of impact and cost savings. In advance of Giving Tuesday, find local organizations and events in your community using Giving Tuesday’s helpful tool. You can filter by city, organization type, or even by name if you have a particular cause that is near to your heart.

Enlist your friends to get involved in giving back.
Enlist your friends to get involved in giving back.

3. Get a Group Involved

Your impact will only grow with the more people you get involved, so make your Giving Tuesday activities a group effort! Not only is it more fun, but having a group will make you accountable to each other which will drastically increase the impact of your contributions. Instead of meeting your friends for brunch or happy hour with your co-workers or entering the Holiday shopping craze schedule time this weekend to give back with a group. Working with your company is also a great option, as many organizations often have matching programs that can amplify your impact, and is also a great way to network with like-minded organizations in your industry. Check out some of these great local efforts to volunteer with a group or organization.

Make #GivingTuesday a regular part of how you spend the holiday season.
Make #GivingTuesday a regular part of how you spend the holiday season.

4. Make #GivingTuesday a New Holiday Tradition

The holiday season has started a culture of excess. It becomes almost impossible to think about this time without thinking about spending money, drinking at parties, and eating a little too much. Instead of spending a paycheck at a department store, show someone you truly care about them by taking quality time to volunteer together, or forgo presents for charitable donations to a cause you’re passionate about. Taking your family to spend a Saturday volunteering in your community is an excellent way to bond and spend quality time together. Instead of feeling forced to take part in consumerism, create your own holiday tradition centered around giving back.

Giving back this Giving Tuesday doesn’t have to be hard or expensive! In fact, instead of sacrificing your favorite parts of the holiday season, view it a great chance to reconnect with family and friends, declutter your home, and start new traditions. In the process of sharing your gifts with the world, you’ll embrace the true meaning of the holiday season. So once Black Friday and Cyber Monday wrap-up, join us in contributing to a better world this #GivingTuesday on November 28th.