How to launch and scale social impact projects at your company

Mark Horoszowski

Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder and CEO of

Getting your company to become more environmentally and socially responsible isn’t easy, but the research is rather conclusive that firms which engage in corporate social responsibility programs are more profitable.

CSR activities and feasible generalized least squares (FGLS) regressions to identify the correlations between the level of CSR activities and the dimension of profit, an expression of financial performance. The main results emphasize that the companies which implement CSR activities in a greater extent are more profitable in economic terms.

In fact, most executives do believe that corporate responsibility is good for the bottom line.

However, executives also know that other things are good for the bottom-line, too.

So how do you get executive at your company to care about initiatives that are also good for the world?

To answer this question, we turned to leaders that have successfully launched and scaled projects within their own organizations. We summarized their case studies and 7 key lessons in this free eBook, Connect the Dots: The Case for Integrating Social Impact.

Here’s a summary of how to move from idea to impact:

#1 Align with corporate goals, and ensure they are truly top priorities.

#2 Deliver real value to business units by solving existing challenges.

#3 Start small and socialize your ideas.

#4 Sell the future — and quantify the risks.

#5 Build a community of champions and send your senior leaders in the field.

#6 Measure what matters—and be prepared to keep adapting.

#7 Build strategic partnerships to reduce the risk.

Download your free eBook Connect the Dots: The Case for Integrating Social Impact for case studies and more details about how you to create change at your own company.