Impact Teams Evolves for Even More Impact in 2018

Mark Horoszowski

Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder and CEO of

Happy 2018 – Let’s make it impactful!

Our Impact Teams in 2017 were more impactful, engaging, and inspiring than we could have hoped. Inspiring professionals joined this cohort-based program to learn more about social entrepreneurship, gain valuable field experience, and grow as more confident and globally-minded leaders.

As just one example, check out Lisa’s story, who is just one of the many professionals using Impact Teams to find more purpose and get ahead in a professional career that makes the world.

Based on the feedback from alumni and current members, as well as out thousands of followers who have taken time to share feedback, hopes, aspirations, and requests, we are excited to tell you about some 5 notable changes to Impact Teams:

1. More Focus on Helping Professionals Get Ahead

We originally created Impact Teams that were formed around similar skills (like the business strategy team), causes (like gender equality), or specific industries (like healthcare). While these were powerful frameworks for Impact Team members to coalesce around and apply to social impact development, we’re reshaping Impact Teams in 2018 to be more inclusive.

Instead of “theme specific teams”, each Impact Team will instead focus on building a learning cohort of changemakers committed to using their diverse skills and experiences to make an impact. A diversity of thinking, networks, and backgrounds is just one of the things that makes Impact Teams so impactful. We believe this intentional, inter-industries approach is where the magic happens.

New Impact Teams will form about every two months. All members will be united in the desire to use their unique professional skills to create a real impact, and to do so in a way that helps catalyze personal and professional growth.

Simply stated, Impact Teams will focus on helping you achieve your personal and professional goals – no matter your skills, industry, or cause-preferences.

Why did we make this change?
Two main reasons:

  1. Diversity leads to innovation. More diverse groups create better outcomes for all.
  2. You asked for it. Our members have too many preferences. Having Teams “limited” to a theme was too exclusive of too many.

2. Less Talk, More Learning

We’re increasing the number of virtual workshops for Team members to ensure every member has the learning experience they deserve. Behind the virtual learning sessions, we’ll share frameworks to help you make an impact today, tomorrow, and anywhere you end up in the future with resources for the following domains:

  1. Global leadership skills
  2. Your personal and professional purpose drivers
  3. Social entrepreneurship
  4. Social intrapreneurship
  5. Networking and impact opportunity identification
Why did we make this change?
Our teams last year showed us that more interaction leads to learning.

3. More Community

Across our Institute, Corporate, and Impact Team programs, we see the same trend over and over: Experteers love to connect with other Experteers – past, present, and future. We’ve already added more virtual events to create connections, and we’ll add more features as time goes on.

Yet another In-Real-Life sighting of Impact Team Fellows. Ting Ting and Sean enjoying some bubble tea/juice in Taiwan during Sean’s brief layover. Our first Impact Team Fellows are getting ready to depart for their Experteering projects all over the world. These two, Ting Ting and Sean, got a head start on their Experteering journey with Sean wrapping up a project in Tokyo with Impact Hub Tokyo and @w00rk before jettisoning south to Vietnam for his Experteering project with CSDS VN in Vietnam. Meanwhile, Ting Ting is currently Experteering in Taiwan with 直接跟農夫買 (Buy Directly From Farmers) and studying Mandarin at a language intensive program. #warriormultitaskers #experteering #experteers4life #experteersightings

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Why did we make this change?
Your network is everything. Giving you more chances to increase your networking with committed professionals increases the likelihood that you’ll learn more and find the introductions and resources you need to achieve your goals.

4. More Access to Industry Leaders

We work with our partners to expose their insights and inspiring stories to our team members. Beyond MovingWorlds own insights, we’ll rope in a couple industry leaders to present to every Impact Team. And, once a member, you’ll get alumni access to future webinars, too.

Why did we make this change?
We think it’s fun to show off our amazing partners and thought leaders :)

5. More Resources & Opportunities for Self-Directed Learning

Some Impact Team members quit their jobs to participate. Others are working full time. Some are still in school. We’ve worked hard to create a curriculum that is approachable by all, but if you want to learn more, we’ll gladly help you!

Why did we make this change?
Members that have more time have requested for ability to customize their experience. Not only do we encourage that, but will help with additional resources, recommending additional online courses, and even supporting virtual book clubs that tend to form on every team :)

Want to learn more?

Learn more on our program web page, and check out the video below.