January 2020 Social Impact News and Research Roundup

Alexandra Nemeth

Senior Manager, Content Marketing & Storytelling at MovingWorlds

The environmental crisis is worsening, but companies are increasing their efforts to address it.

The World Economic Forum released its 2020 Global Risks Report, highlighting the urgency of the climate crisis and calling for a multi-stakeholder approach to developing solutions. Companies are responding by investing more in sustainability — particularly within Big Tech, where companies are battling it out to differentiate themselves as sustainability leaders.

Companies are facing mounting pressure to become more sustainable, and their employees are leading that charge.

Employees, governments, and customers are increasing pressure on corporations to do more for people and the planet. In the first ever global research report on “social intrapreneurship”, Yunus Social Business shares insights from successful corporate changemakers at each stage of the intrapreneurship journey. Find a summary of key findings here.

The social enterprise movement continues to grow, and new research shares how to be a more effective social entrepreneur.

Want to scale your social enterprise? Invest in the team behind the entrepreneur. We partnered with NextBillion to share nine ways to build more effective teams.

To help advance your social-good career, a mentor can be the golden ticket.

We developed a list of the 51 best places to look for social impact jobs in 2020. Need help advancing your career? We partnered with Harvard Business Review to share eight tips to find and build a great mentoring relationship.

Want to get ahead in your job? You’ll have to take learning into your own hands.

Yes, companies are increasing their investments in people-development programs, however it won’t be enough to help you stay relevant and find a job that creates a deep sense of purpose. If you want to grow, you’ll have to take initiative for your personal growth. Here are two easy things you can start today: 20 books for 2020 that will help you advance your career, as well as the MovingWorlds TED Talk MBA