January Social Impact News Roundup: The Future of Business is Social

Alexandra Nemeth

Senior Manager, Content Marketing & Storytelling at MovingWorlds

The State of Social Enterprise in 2024

Quantifying the size and scope of the social enterprise movement globally has been a persistent challenge…until now. First-of-its-kind research by the Schwab Foundation’s Global Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship found that there are approximately 10 million social enterprises operating worldwide — and that collectively, they are generating $2 trillion in annual revenues and creating over 200 million jobs. To put that into perspective, the social entrepreneurship sector is now larger than the $1.57 trillion apparel industry and twice the size of the $875 billion advertising industry! Learn more about the 10 million reasons to invest in social enterprise in this op-ed from the World Economic Forum.

A Call to Action for the Private Sector

With its remarkable global presence and impact, the social enterprise sector is uniquely positioned to transform our world for the better…but only if it gets the investment it needs to realize that potential. The private sector has a crucial role to play in closing that gap – not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s the smart thing to do. A new report from Deloitte and the Schwab Foundation underscores the undeniable fact that when corporations join forces with social enterprises, they are better able to attract and retain talent, accelerate innovation, access to new markets, and support sustainability and financial goals. Learn more about the 10 mechanisms of engagement outlined by the report in this summary.

Spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs in the Global South

Deep rooted gender inequality, damaging gender stereotypes and sexist attitudes persist everywhere – and this all impacts on women entrepreneurs’ success. A recently launched white paper from Bayer Foundation delves into the challenges facing women entrepreneurs in the Global South, analyzing the experiences of close to a thousand applicants from the regions. Through a blend of structured and narrative-based questions, the report delves into the comprehensive profiles, challenges, motivations, and desired support of these inspiring women. Among its key takeaways are: 1. The key role of business development support in solving these challenges, and 2. The importance of factoring regional differences into support system design.

Social Impact Job Openings

Upcoming Events & New Programs

  • February 1: Applications open for MIT Solve’s Global Challenges and Indigenous Communities Fellowship
  • February 6: At 4pm GMT / 8am PST, join the TRANSFORM Support Hub for “Leadership Development Series: How to be an Effective Leader,” featuring entrepreneur, strategist, and mentor Carol Squire. Register here.
  • February 9: Deadline for Latin American startups focused on economic inclusion, financial health, and community resilience to apply to “ADAPT: Social Innovation for a More Resilient Future,” an accelerator by Village Capital and Metlife
  • February 12: Deadline to apply to the Keeling Curve Prize, open to innovations addressing global warming mitigation. 
  • February 12: Applications open for Bayer Foundation fellowships for apprentices, young professionals and newly qualified workers. Learn more here.
  • February 14: Join Social Tech Trust for a free webinar, “How to ignite Change: Amplifying Marginalized Voices for Inclusive Tech Innovation.” Learn more and register here.
  • February 15 & 20: Join eBay for Change for one of its introductory webinars about how UK-based social enterprises can succeed and grow through eBay. Learn more and register here.
  • February 20: Join Social Enterprise Alliance and Social Enterprise World Forum for an informational session about its new “People and Planet First Verification” for impact enterprises. Learn more and register here.
  • February 20: Join Chandramouli Samatham, Founder & CEO of Caare, for a free webinar on “Healthcare for Everyone: How Phygital Clinics are Changing the Game.” Learn more and register here
  • February 22: Join Global Distributors Collective, British International Investment, & Spring Impact for a free webinar, “Models for Scaling Your Last Mile Distribution (LMD) Company.” Learn more and register here.
  • February 23: Last chance to be part of ‘Aliados for Water,’ a Coca-Cola Latin America initiative open to leaders of innovative projects in sustainable water management. Learn more and apply here.
  • February 23: Join A Curiae for a free webinar, “Correctional Education and Reentry Programming That Works” with Dr. Amy Lopez. Learn more and register here.
  • February 28: Join kontakt kollektiv in Hamburg for its monthly women’s leadership circle meeting on the topic of “Stand Up for Your Value: Mastering Salary Talks and Securing Your Financial Future.” Learn more and register here.
  • February 28-29: SanKalp Forum will be taking place in Nairobi, Kenya. Learn more and register here.
  • March 6: Mark your calendars for 8am PST/4pm GMT to join the TRANSFORM Support Hub for a workshop that will cover how to choose the right strategy to scale. From social franchising to government adoption – we will explore different approaches you can take to scale up solutions, and to change systems, cultures and society Learn more and register here.
  • Ongoing: Social Tech Trust is seeking to make 1-2 further investments in UK-based enterprises with a vision to use technology for societal change. Learn more and apply here.

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A Final Bit of Inspiration

“When corporations join forces with social enterprises, they do not just change the game. They help change lives, build communications, protect our planet and create a world where business success and social progress go hand in hand.”

– Anna Marks, Global Chair of Deloitte, DTTL