June 2019 Social Impact News and Research Roundup

Alexandra Nemeth

Senior Manager, Content Marketing & Storytelling at MovingWorlds

You Should Know This

The Global Accelerator Network published its 2019 report on the state of social and startup accelerators. The report looks closely at how startups have performed after graduating from accelerator programs, and then shares the most important findings.

You Should Read This

Thinking about evolving your career to make more of an impact? Check out our new guide on career growth for social impact!

You Should Attend This

The 2019 Social Capital Markets Conference — the premier gathering of impact investors and world-class social entrepreneurs — is happening in San Francisco October 22-25. As a follower of MovingWorlds, you’re eligible to share our $250 discount. Register here and use code NP_MovingWorlds at checkout.

You Should Follow This

The #FollowSocent series will help you learn more about leading frameworks, insights, and best-practice to grow and scale social enterprises.

You Should Watch This

Normally, we include a video in this section, but this month, we think you should “watch” the development of the Social Stock Exchange in India. The Guardian published a nice article to help explain this exciting development.

Make Your Career Matter

Our premier professional development, career growth, and social impact program is once again open for applications: apply to next MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship by July 31st which will kickoff in San Francisco on October 25th.