June 2020 Social Impact Roundup: Corporations are responding to the COVID crisis and persistent inequities. But is it enough, and is it fast enough?

Mark Horoszowski

Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder and CEO of MovingWorlds.org.

In June, corporations took the stage for their efforts to combat COVID, the recession, and the glaring inequalities and injustices in society. Some efforts were lackluster, some tone-deaf, but a few were downright impressive.

Over the last month, we took a closer look at some of these, and shared these 5 highlights:

  1. The “New Normal” — a more just, equitable, and sustainable economy — that we believe we can create
  2. How Corporate Social Responsibility is evolving to help build a New Normal
  3. How individuals and organizations, everywhere, can take action to be anti-racist
  4. How us as individuals can use our careers to achieve this New Normal
  5. A new program, called S-GRID, to help social enterprises accelerate the achievement of a New Normal

As COVID continues to create havoc, and its second wave hampers re-opening plans, we will continue to grapple with how to best create partnerships to combat its effects, as well as the inequities in our society that it has exposed. However, in this, we learn that we also have massive levers that we can do a better job of pulling in order to create the “New Normal”, and these partnerships with the corporate sector have the greatest potential to build a more equity and sustainability into our global systems.