MovingWorlds joins the Global Pro Bono Network

Derk Norde

Derk is a co-founder at, a global platform connecting people who want to volunteer their expertise with social impact organizations.

Global Pro Bono Network gathering at the Monument of the Discoveries in Belém

Last month, MovingWorlds attended the 5th Global Pro Bono Summit in Lisbon Portugal, as a new member of the Global Pro Bono Network. We are very excited to be part of this global network that was initiated by BMW Foundation and Taproot Foundation and to join the ranks of BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders. The network was created to share and promote best practices and create better quality-standards for skills-based volunteering worldwide. These were our 6 main Takeaways from The Summit which we originally featured on the BMW Foundation’s blog:

  1. Pro Bono as a tool for Change is just getting started – Network members share a common mission that’s based on the power of transformation we’ve witnessed through pro bono engagements. Individual transformation of the lives of those who donate their time and skills, and of those who are on the receiving end. In growing the movement and incorporating pro bono in our organizations in a more systematic way, we can change societies for the better, whether it’s in the non-profit, business or political arena.

    World Map of all the Pro Bono Network Members
  2. Shared Challenges deserve Shared Solutions – As the network exists to connect, mobilize and equip each other, there are many best practices to share that eventually will benefit all, increasing the overall Pro Bono pie and quality of our services.
  3. “Pick your Rabbit hole” There is no single one best way to do Pro Bono, but most important is to start doing something and then keep iterating on it. For example, some organizations run timely campaigns by rallying multi-sectoral stakeholders around a common cause f (e.g. Youth Unemployment” or “Cleanup the Oceans”), while other organization pick a specific sector for a longer period of time and offer more specialized types of support.

    Working session on shared quality standards for Pro Bono
  4. Building Effective Partnerships is Hard – Partnerships come in every shape and form, and it’s a term that’s very loosely used. However, developing a partnership to its full potential requires sustained mutual value creation. We need to take the time to explore how our differences and similarities drive real insight and create opportunities for better, more lasting partnerships.
  5. Networks Thrive on Trust – Building Networks through collective ownership is hard, and the first step is trust and open communication between its members. As a global network, we can learn from how other successful networks operate and also look into online collaboration tools that enable effective communication and provide models for peer-to-peer decision-making.
  6. Tune into Tech-Developments – By keeping up to date with the latest Tech-developments and sharing best practices we can be much effective in operating at scale and fine tuning our parameters. An overview of existing solutions and their customizability and availability helps the network members to make more informed decisions about when & how to invest in their technology and platforms.

Read the full article about our takeaways from the Lisbon Summit on BMW Foundation’s website.

Thank you to BMW Foundation, the fantastic local host SEA, and all the members of the Global Pro Bono Network that made this event possible!