Our Enhanced Programs Help You Create Change, Be Changed

Mark Horoszowski

Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder and CEO of MovingWorlds.org.

Today, we are thrilled to announce 8 big enhancements to the MovingWorlds platform that will help you create change, and be changed in the process. You can scroll down directly to these 8 updates, or first read about what led to this moment…

When you help +1,000 people volunteer their real skills around the world, you learn a few things. Especially if you obsess over every single placement… Was the right skills-match made? Were people adequately trained to make a sustainable impact?

Along the way, we’ve helped unleash over $10 million worth of professional skills and published our industry-leading best practices in the process. But we also discovered something just as powerful:

In addition to transformational impact being made in the field, our Experteers were being transformed, too.

Like Davide who use this experience to transition from Deloitte into impact investing… Heather who embarked to find purpose in her marketing profession… Brian who used his engineering skills while developing his own in innovation… Erin who transitioned from being a teacher to a global development educator… Lynn who is in pursuit of a greater impact as a senior expert… Anish who returned to his homeland to pursue a career in social enterprise… the list goes on, with every story as inspiring as the last.

Our Experteers were not alone in their individual pursuits of growth, and you aren’t either.

We all have this desire to make the world around us better, but we also have an internal drive to grow as professionals; and as people.

We didn’t just set out to build the world’s best Experteering platform. We also set out to create a world-class people development program. And it worked. Leading corporations, like Microsoft, Booking, Siemens, Kering, and more have already built award-winning programs with us. Other institutions have begun to emulate our published best practices. Our Institute draws an amazingly diverse cohort of leaders from around the world, and our Corporate Impact Team draws participation from some of the world’s most recognized brands.

Amongst all these programs, our Experteering Platform lies at the heart of what we do — it is where most of our matches happen and enables any professional, from anywhere around the world, to find an Experteering project and engage in a truly transformational experience.

We are thrilled to announce some major enhancements to our platform, including combining our communities across our Institute, Impact teams, and sponsored programs. In addition to enabling us to provide you better service, it will enable us to connect our amazing network of skilled professionals together as we continue to learn, grow, and accelerate impact – together.

How will this affect you?

1. More Robust Platform Features

Our enhanced online platform will do more than find you a match. It will guide you through a series of planning steps, resources, and guides so you can grow as a leader in the process. Our new PLUS program offers additional online workshops to work through all of these resources in community if you want extra accountability and support.


2. Enhanced Project Search

Our new search tool is faster, more informative, and easier to save projects. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our new tool also lets you prompt our team to go find you a new project that does align with your skills and interests.

3. Peer-Based Community

Once you join, you’ll gain access to Experteers — past and present — for even more guidance and support as you find, plan, go, and return from your Experteering project. PLUS Members can access bonus Experteering Best Practices workshops with our Matching Team.

4. Networking & Live Learning Opportunities

Members who join our PLUS program will have access to weekly virtual events hosted by MovingWorlds staff to learn from each other, as well as from guest speakers and real practitioners.

5. More Training to Make a Sustainable Impact & Grow As a Leader

Once you join, you’ll unlock access to our best practice, personal development, and leadership development guides to support you as you go Experteering. PLUS members will be invited to take a cross-cultural leadership assessment for personalized guidance when working and leading across cultures. In addition, our professional development guides, alongside virtual live workshops, will help you develop skills in:

  1. Cross-Cultural Leadership
  2. Human-Centered Design
  3. Sustainable Development and Social Enterprise Best Practices
  4. How to Use Experteering to Catalyze Your Career


6. Increasing Community Quality with an Application Process

To safeguard both the quality of our programs and to allow us to better understand your goals and motivations, we have moved to an application-based model. We’re also raising the standards of our Experteering projects to ensure that projects you go on will be tackling root-cause issues.

7. Programs with Just the Right Amount of Support (and that little extra if you need it)

Every plan will give you access to our community where you can find support to questions, join workshops, and network with peers. Want additional coaching to make a bigger impact? Our new Impact Coaching option will have you covered.

8. New Programs & Pricing

In order to support all these content, process, platform, and community updates — and to implement an application process to continue increasing program quality — you will notice that our new programs do come at a higher price point than before. This enables us to more adequately staff and support our technology platform and global team, which at the end of the day, means we’ll be able to better support you in finding the best projects and guidance as you embark on your own Experteering journey.

In Summary: What These Changes Mean for You

If you’re thinking about going Experteering, there has never been a better time. Not only are there a wide array for current projects currently open, but our enhanced programs mean you’ll have the guidance, resources, and peer-based support to gain the confidence, know-how, and insights to have a truly life-transformative experience – apply here to become a MovingWorlds Experteer!

If you’re already a member, check out our FAQs to learn more about upgrade options, and then either keep using MovingWorlds as you were before (with the added bonus of limited community features) or upgrade your membership to unlock even more of these benefits.

And if you have feedback, we’d love to hear it in the comments below!