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Mark Horoszowski

Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder and CEO of

When it comes to solving some of the biggest challenges facing people and our planet, there is no single solution.

The key to development is not money, talent, or marketplaces… it’s teamwork.

For this reason, we’re thrilled to announce our new partnership functionality on with an amazing launch partner, Village Capital. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership with one of the world’s most innovative impact investors:

Village Capital is democratizing entrepreneurship. It draws on the power of peer support to build enterprises that change the world.

Our new functionality makes it easy to find Village Capital affiliated-enterprises around the world that are looking for help to grow and make a bigger impact, faster.

Here is a screen shot of the page at

MovingWorlds Village Capital


This partnership functionality helps global development partners – like Village Capital – augment their own offerings by providing their field organizations a new kind of support: Real people. And not just people, but skilled professionals that are eager to travel and donate their expertise to social impact organizations to help them overcome any business or technical challenge.


What does this mean for people that want to volunteer overseas?

This new functionality makes it easier to connect with inspiring organizations around the world that have additional levels of verification. As you browse the site, you can easily see affiliations with partners – like this opportunity in India.

And if you specifically want to support Village Capital entrepreneurs, we’re giving out 5 (five!) 50%-off promotion codes for MovingWorlds membership. If you’re interested, email us and tell us why you think you’d be a good fit to support Village Capital social entrepreneurs.* See all the Village Capital opportunities here.

 *Promotion ends February 14 and is limited to the first 5 responses.

What does this mean for organizations that need expertise?

Skilled professionals come to MovingWorlds when they want to travel overseas and volunteer their skills with inspiring social impact organizations. If your organization is connected with a partner, then this new functionality will help your organization get discovered on MovingWorlds.

If you’re connected to a partner, your profile will stand out more in search results,  you will see increased traffic as your partner drives its own supporters to your profile on MovingWorlds, and the MovingWorlds team will provide extra matching support.

Here is a screen shot showing how partnerships show up in search results:



What does this mean for our partners?

Partners can have a branded presence on – helping extend their brand and connect expertise to its network.

If you’re interested in joining Village Capital as a MovingWorlds partner, send a message to [info {at} movingworlds {dot} org].

To learn more about Village Capital, visit the about page on its website:

Stay tuned… many more partnerships are in the works and we’ll be announcing them right here. This is one of many exciting announcements we have planned for 2014 as we continue to build momentum towards solving the global talent gap and achieving our mission: Empowering social impact organizations around the world and connecting people to life-enriching experiences.