Planning for Success

Mark Horoszowski

Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder and CEO of

Project BriefI recently came across an impressive planning document for the construction of an eco-friendly school in Haiti on the architecture blog of CTA Design Builders located in Seattle.

The entire project plan, made public in an article about Empowerment Through Design, explores all the necessary elements that are vital to the success of a well designed and constructed school.

Far beyond just structural integrity, the project plan highlights hygiene, power, sustainability, environment, weather, and more to ensure that a school is not just built, but that an inspiring center is created that fosters education within an entire community.

These Seattle residential and community architects have a lot to teach social enterprises, and those volunteering with them:

It is vital that before starting any project – no matter the size – adequate time is spent to create a holistic plan for success.

And if you need inspiration, review their public project plan completed in conjunction with Architects Without Borders.