Scale Your Social Enterprise with the SCALERS Model

Mark Horoszowski

Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder and CEO of

The Harvard Graduate School of Education released a new model to help social enterprises scale. It’s called SCALERS. These 7 questions, derived from the model, can help you determine your organizations ability and readiness to scale.

Staffing: What is your organization’s effectiveness at recruiting, engagement, and retaining employees?

Communication: How effective is your organization at engaging stakeholders?

Alliance building: Does your organization have a strong ability to form and leverage partnerships?

Lobbying: Can your organization affect decisions of local government?

Earning generation: Beyond revenue, can your organization generate profits and reduce costs?

Replicating: How effectively can your organization reproduce effective programs and initiatives?

Stimulating market: Can your organization create incentives that encourage people or institutions to pursue private interests while also serving the public good

For more information about SCALERS, please read the full article on the Harvard Graduate School of Education website.