The Best Thing for Your Career: Start New

Mark Horoszowski

Mark is the Co-founder of, a global platform connecting people who want to volunteer their expertise with social impact organizations.

According the respected author and New Yorker columnist, Malcom Gladwell, the most exciting career advancements happen within the first 5 years of the average person’s career. For this reason, Gladwell provides this advice:

“The best thing you can do mid-career is start over”

In his upcoming new book, David and Goliath, Malcolm discusses questions like

  • What should the strategy of the week be when facing the strong?
  • Does being an underdog—whether as a team a country or an individual—help foster creativity?
  • Why should people at the top of their fields quit their jobs and try to reinvent themselves?

It’s worth watching the New Yorker video  interview with Malcolm below:

Malcom Gladwell is not the only one to recommend new experiences to re-discover innovation, creativity, passion, and ultimately, accelerate career growth. In a previous post, we wrote about one of the best career development tools is having global experience.