The Complete Guide to Making Your Business More Socially Responsible

Mark Horoszowski

Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder and CEO of

Here’s a new 7,000-word guide on corporate social responsibility to help you launch and scale social impact organizations at your company.

This guide, broken into 15 chapters, and it is based on years of research, educational content from the MovingWorlds Institute, and some of our award-winning programs designed with companies like Microsoft, Booking, Kering, Tableau, and more.

Whether you’re a seasoned CSR professional or a budding social intrapreneur, we hope you find this guide helpful. Here are the 15 chapters:

SECTION I: History & Definition of CSR

  • Chapter 1: History of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Chapter 2: What is Corporate Social Responsibility

SECTION II: The Business Case for CSR

  • Chapter 3: What is the Future of CSR?
  • Chapter 4: Why Your Business Should be Socially Responsible
  • Chapter 5: Why the World needs you to Step Up

SECTION III: How to Launch a CSR Program at Your Company

  • Chapter 6: Getting Started at Your Company
  • Chapter 7: Develop a Strategy
  • Chapter 8: Look for Bright Spots to Build Momentum
  • Chapter 9: Launch a Pilot
  • Chapter 10: Report on Impact and Set the Stage for Long-Term Measurement

SECTION IV: Scaling Your CSR Programs

  • Chapter 11: Scale with Partnerships
  • Chapter 12: Winning over Executives
  • Chapter 13: Empowering (and Aligning) Employees
  • Chapter 14: Going Public Within the Company and Beyond
  • Chapter 15: Continue to Scale

SECTION V: Appendix & Resources

We hope you like the guide, and if you have thoughts, edits, or ideas to improve it, please do let us know!