Top 4 Crowdfunding Platforms for New Social Enterprises

Mark Horoszowski

Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder and CEO of

If you have an idea to help change the world, there are online tools to connect you to the right people and funding to make it happen. Whether it is a new business, new product, new cause, or new invention, these different categories of ‘Crowdfunding Platforms’ can help you.

Please note that these aren’t the best 4, nor the only 4, and they all fit different needs depending on what you are, and what you are launching. And actually, there are more than 4 here, but there are 4 main categories to help you identify and narrow the list of organizations to find support through.

If you are an existing social enterprises or corporation willing to give away equity? Try Profunder to raise money from peers and your own network, or Start Some Good, MicroVentures, or Peerbackers for at large funding. Specifically, Prfounders uses a checklist, and by-the-law approach to get less than $1 million in funding for your business in exchange for economic and/or control interest in your new company.

If you are an individual, social enterprise, corporation, or nonprofit and want funding to get an idea off the ground in return for product, services, online rewards and or accolades? Try Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or RocketHub to raise money before you have delivered your solution.

If you Have a 501(c)(3) and are looking for donations? Try Fundly, Give, Razoo or Causes. You need your tax exempt status to make this work, and they all have fees. You can find more through this article on Mashable.

If you’re an inventor with an idea for social good, consider Quirky or OpenIDEO for support, and eventually funding.

Keep in mind, as sexy as crowdfunding is, don’t dive straight into without a solid understanding of:

  1. What is your idea…
  2. What is the positive social and environmental impact your idea will create…
  3. Why you need the money, how it will help, and what it will be used for…
  4. Your legal and accounting information to properly manage any capital and ownership

Take the time to talk to an expert (i.e. tax accountant and/or attorney) before pulling the trigger.

Did we miss any?