Day 4 Highlights of the 2021 World Economic Forum Davos Agenda

Mark Horoszowski

Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder and CEO of

We are highlighting the key themes from the World Economic Forum annual meeting this week, with a focus on how it is attempting to advance sustainability, equity, and purpose in capitalism.

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Below are the highlights from Day 4 of the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting:

1. All our global challenges start with water, but we’re going to run out. (TL;DR: There is not enough short-term conversation related to the importance of water – by 2040, there will be a 40% deficit. Social enterprises like Desolenator are showing a way forward)

2. Climate experts responded to Greta Thunberg. (TL;DR: She’s right. The world is in danger. There is too much talk and not enough action.)

3. Youth entrepreneurship is growing (TL;DR: Young entrepreneurs are focussed on preserving their lands and culture through innovative business models, like Accion Andina.)

4. Mental health should be a political priority (TL;DR: Mood disorders exacerbate cycles of poverty, and they are up 3x in the pandemic. Women are being hit the hardest.)

5. Business growth is key to post-pandemic recovery (TL;DR: To address the issues above, business growth is needed, even though it will also amplify some of the negative effects. Finding the right way to balance this with equity and sustainability is the challenge of our time.)

There is still one day remaining for the Davos Agenda remaining, and we expect the themes to move towards more practical actions. Be sure to subscribe for updates for highlights from Day 5, and our post-WEF recap.