Give Selflessly, Give Powerfully

Mark Horoszowski

Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder and CEO of

The most powerful gifts are acts of selfless love. Not love for self, but love for others. These acts of love connect people in an otherwise divisive world, and provide hope for a hopeless world.

We’re inspired by the work of the Acumen Fund in its 10th year and are taking a rare moment this Holiday season to ask our readers to make a donation to it by December 31st.

Why are we supporting another organization this Holiday Season? Here are our top 3 reasons to support the Acumen Fund

  1. Acumen Fund has re-defined the most effective way to fight poverty by supporting responsible businesses that make a difference
  2. Acumen Fund measures and reports on REAL impact and has created 55,000 jobs and positively impacted 86 millions lives.
  3. Acumen Fund instills dignity, leadership, patient capital, and education in markets that need support the most in order to make an impact.

Why else are we supporting another nonprofit? We believe in connecting entities that make an impact together, and we invite you to do the same. If you have skills that can help a business make a positive impact, please learn more about Experteering.

What will you give this Holiday season?